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We are recruiting NOW!! Any level, we'll boost your level your skill and your gear for free.. all we ask in return is, loyalty, respect and when called for a guild war, you be there >< All you have to do is register on the site, and add a new topic with "Your Name" followed by "Apply".
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Guardians|Kieran, Mar 6, 11 5:27 PM.
Welcome to Guardians!

Our aim is to become the best PvP / PvE Guild on the game.. i know your probably thinking "Ah here we go", but atleast hear us out..

We plan to become the best through teamwork, cooperation and pure A grade skill. How?..

Simple, everyday we come online and level up our guildies and gear them out and teach them the right combo's to use how to correctly use them and how to time them rightly.

The average guild level is about 17-19.. yes some low levels and some high levels, BUT that's what were all about, building low levels up to become strong and unbeatable in the world of Divine Souls!

The guild at the moment is full of friendly people and are all very chatty (we love you all) and we all get along fine, that's why when were all level 40 and BELIEVE ME it will happen in the near future, were going to be the best of the best PvP and PvE..

Need i say more?

Anyway feel free to post comments, how you are, what you have been up to anythink really, just keep in touch!!

Yours Truly
Matt & Kieran
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